Monday, February 22, 2010

Evening Glow

Arrangement#152 ~ Evening Glow

Today I was working at the front garden and noticed something inviting about the double petal red hibiscus. Against the late afternoon rays it seemed to glow. That captivated me to do a quick composition. The golden yellow leaves of the croton ( Codiaeum variegatum) would help set the scenery and the red hibiscus would represent the setting sun. In quick succession I cut a tiny branch of the croton and mixed it with a single bloom of the red hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)In ten minutes I was inside the house re-arranging the display in a vase which I begin to like very much for its incredibly beautiful Sarawak design. When placed at a corner of the room next to an abacus lampshade, the ambiance of an evening sunset was created. Thus the title of today's composition...
Evening Glow.
The front garden today .
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double petal yellow hibiscus

Arrangement#151 ~ Three's a company

I found yesterday that the yellow hibiscus hybrid flowers were still looking fresh and vigorous despite being in the vase for a couple of days already. Therefore today I would use again the yellow hibiscus hybrid from the garden outside. Three flowering stalks and five leaves of the mother- in-law's tongue made it to the show.
Talk about speed. It took me just below 10 minutes to arrange the show inclusive of photography. This is the strength of the kambatik garden. When rushed for time you still could some how gather suitable plants and produce an arrangement~ the kambatik way. Would like to call the above composition.....Three's a company.