Monday, February 22, 2010

Evening Glow

Arrangement#152 ~ Evening Glow

Today I was working at the front garden and noticed something inviting about the double petal red hibiscus. Against the late afternoon rays it seemed to glow. That captivated me to do a quick composition. The golden yellow leaves of the croton ( Codiaeum variegatum) would help set the scenery and the red hibiscus would represent the setting sun. In quick succession I cut a tiny branch of the croton and mixed it with a single bloom of the red hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)In ten minutes I was inside the house re-arranging the display in a vase which I begin to like very much for its incredibly beautiful Sarawak design. When placed at a corner of the room next to an abacus lampshade, the ambiance of an evening sunset was created. Thus the title of today's composition...
Evening Glow.
The front garden today .
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