Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tropical colours

Arrangement #150 ~ Tropical colours

Today's colours are warm, hot and tropical. From the garden I have collected the light brown bracts of the calathea lutea. The yellow and deep orange colours of the parrot flower or heliconia psittacorum matched well with the crimson colours of the costus woodsonii. The golden colours of the yellow hibiscus add a heartening glow to the whole composition. Such warmth and vibrant colours are typical of tropical flowers. For that I call this composition...Tropical Colours.

Another view of the composition taken inside the house.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetic with a string

The point of it all

The craftiest of old hands
And latest survey know-how
Will meet to life's reliability
On a busy construction site
When two strings cross
A perfect needle point
You get practical with life's problems
Through the ages of use
A philosophy of life
That answers the science of knowledge
With the simple wisdom
Of a carpenter's loving hands
Stick to the knitting
The tapestry of life
A vision statement
You would love to sing
And be practical with dreams
Like stretched yet flexible carpenter strings.


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trigger Me!

Daily cut flowers is back again. It has been a while since I've not been doing daily cut flowers. Today is inspiring. I created a new blog called "MOOD's Creative Curves" this morning in Kuching. To trigger it I picked up a few sample of colourful foliage and cut two stalks of the heliconia 'red lobster's claw'. That's the beauty of the kambatik garden. Among other things it is a ready source of daily cut flowers just a step out of your door. Two varieties of coleus, a young leaf of the 'blood banana' and a trimmed version of the yellow palm frond makes the show. No sweat. It's just a 15 minutes effort including photography. Call it... Trigger Me!

Arrangement #149 ~ Trigger Me too!
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Initial Notes:
This blog created this morning in Kuching @7.45 am, Friday 29Jan'10.
Purpose of this blog is to document all my creative moves in all aspects of life since I learnt to be creative. It's a learning journal on my encounters with creativity.
Will continue to use my icon "MOOD" to represent the creative me.